Showing up.


I got married at the end of September! Leading up to the wedding, my mind was all-over-the-frigging-place. I thought that after it was over, my mind would be airy and energized and inspiration would come in droves. What happened instead was that my mind and body (nasty cold came for me) sorta shut down.

Photo by Mark Basarab

I won’t go too deep into why I think this happened. In short, I felt such an enormous sense of relief that all of the planning, worrying and excitement was over that I let myself stop everything and just turn off in a lot of ways.

The problem is that I have been having a heck of a time turning back on. It’s that whole “a body at rest tends to stay at rest” thing, I guess. Well…there has been a lot of rest. Too much.

SURE, it’s been nice as a newlywed to just nest and relax and be cozy. But after a couple months… both my husband and I realized that cozy and relaxed morphs into lazy and semi-depressing sort of easily if you’re not careful. This ain’t living!

I’ve officially launched myself out of whatever form of hibernation I let myself fall into and I’m showing up again. Not only to writing on here but to everything, dammit.

One day, my goal will be to keep myself from falling into ruts entirely. For now, though, I just want to be a superstar at bouncing back.


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